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The UK based, progressive tech and growth company specialising in the building and commercialisation of successful technology

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Our Team

Our team possesses an incredible range of skill and experience. In all its complexity, the beauty lies in the orchestration of talent.

  • Web and app developers
  • Data and security specialists
  • Technology architects
  • Investment managers
  • Venture capitalists
  • Commercial consultants

Who we work with

Start-up entrepreneurs
with bright ideas who are looking to break into a new market or disrupt the status-quo

SME owners
wanting to apply technology to their existing business to innovate, scale, save costs or accelerate profits

FTSE 250 companies
looking to defend or grow their market share through agile, digital innovation

Public sector projects
looking for the pace and efficiency of commercially focused agile software development

What we can do for you

We specialise in bespoke applications for business, medical, education, social services and the IoT using a combination of intelligent automation (IA) and machine learning (ML) to produce useful, self-sustaining systems (AI).

Standards Compliance

Security is at the top of our list so everything we do is GDPR compliant. We provide solutions according to the nature of the application, eg. medical applications require compliance with HIPAA standards, to which our policies abide.

Startup Launching

Small budget and big dream? You wouldn't be the first... We can aide individuals and groups with strategies to achieve little successes that allow sustainable business growth. Our team can also help navigate the world of finance to obtain funding for your projects where applicable.

Commercial Benefit

Our aim is to produce commercially viable solutions and monetise ideas with minimum expenditure and time, allowing you to focus on the growth of your idea while we focus on the development of your platform.

Joint Venture

This journey makes your interests, ours. Our model typically leaves you in full control of your business while allowing us to develop commercially-focused ventures for a portion of the newly generated revenue. This arrangement allows us to provide our services at a much reduced rate to enable both parties to succeed.

Application Development

Be it progressive web apps, native or mobile apps - our engineers can accommodate the development for applications on all platforms, for any purposes. Micro-platforms and micro-services form part of our involvement in IoT.

Scalable Architecture

Our system-agnostic approach to solution strategies means we use the right tools for the right job. We have an array of bullet proof, scalable and extensible frameworks that are platform-independent that allow us total flexibility when designing new fit-for-purpose software systems.

Got a game-changing web, app or software idea?

Want to take it to market without breaking the bank?

Automation Squared is the digital innovation laboratory that specialises in taking promising concepts from pitch to profit at rapid pace.


Forget Minimum Viable Product - Automation Squared is here to help you develop a Minimum Profitable Product

We don't believe you need to spend millions before you make your first sale. By creating a low cost, high quality working prototype we can help you get yourself in the game and start earning quickly.

If you don't want to max out your overdraft in the development process or lose control to investors, the answer is Automation Squared.

Would you like an expert opinion on whether your idea has potential? Talk to an Automation Squared consultant and find out. If your idea is going places and you decide you'd like to keep working with us, we'll refund the cost of your consultation.

Why Automation Squared?

Good question. After all, you can pay an offshore developer £10 an hour. But how likely are they to help you with commercial growth, customer engagement, and monetisation?

Automation Squared Ltd is comprised of a crack team of lead developers, designers and consultants that deliver amazing, industry driven, progressive technology solutions including Progressive Web Apps, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and IoT.

Consider us your one-stop partner for success - a commercially focused software house and business accelerator on steroids.

There's no limit to how much we can do and how fast we can scale your ideas.

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