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Want to jump on board the Internet of Things? Not sure where to start?

According to IHS Markit there will be more than 31 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices by the end of 2018 and that’s conservative. The concept of IoT isn’t exactly new, but what is new is how easy and cost effective connecting things together has become, and luckily for you this creates exciting business opportunities.

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Scott Stonham

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The challenge is that this rapidly developing space is confusing and constantly changing. So where do you start? Do you want to wait for NB-IoT? Should you deploy your own LoRa gateway or use a “Things” network? How do you get a proof of concept off the ground? How much will it cost to build an IoT MPP or MVP?

Automation Squared has teamed up with Scott Stonham, a veteran in the industry with over 20 years experience in startups and telecommunications. This alliance will help your ideas succeed commercially.

Scott Stonham has been delivering innovations across telecoms since 1997, most recently he’s been working at a leading industry analyst firm understanding the opportunities of IoT combined with AI, 5G, Cloud and Blockchain.

What is the IoT?

The Internet of Things, or “IoT,” is not a device or even a technology. Rather, it’s a conceptual framework, driven by the idea of embedding connectivity and intelligence across a wide range of devices.

IHS Markit defines an IoT device as having some form of embedded connectivity (wired or wireless), which allows it to connect directly to the internet or to another IP-addressable device. These devices can include a range of sensors, as well as some type of user interface. However, neither a sensor nor a user interface is required.

The ability to collect vast amounts of data in near-real time from a broad range of intelligent connected devices is the foundation of the IoT. This data can then be accessed directly, or via the cloud, and unique value propositions can be created through the application of complex analytics and big data techniques. In this way, the IoT can, and will, be used to create complex information systems that are greater than the sum of the individual components.

The pillars of IoT

At the core of the IoT movement, there are four interconnected pillars: connections, collections, computation and action.

  • New connections of devices and information
  • Enhanced collection of data that grows from the connections of devices and information
  • Advanced computation that transforms collected data into new possibilities
  • Unique actions through new interactions, business models, and solutions


New 5G and NB-IoT capabilities shift demand for celluar activity


Emerging biometrics sensing technologies provide more convenient and stronger security


Cloud and XaaS driving new business models and cost efficiencies


Artificial Intelligence drives Google’s dominance in digital assistant market

Want to get into the IoT?

There is a whole universe of possibility here, and it will contantly expand too. If you're looking to develop products in this sector, and need a hand getting off the ground, get in touch with Automation Squared's field expert today.

Hardware Design

Our expert team of consultants can design the fit-for-purpose product around your specification, and have production going in a matter of weeks! We also have ties to UK-based manufacturers, making lead time much shorter and easier to meet growing demand.

Software Design

Fit-for-purpose software for the units are built and tested in-house, version-controlled and security enabled. Depending on its application, encryption and using secure channels only to exchange data from device to server can be arranged.

Long-term Support

We provide support and patches, upgrades and potentially a continuous release functionality (where applicable) to make the most of your product and can help you explore the avenues of your product's development.

The Internet of Things is not a concept; it is a network, the true technology-enabled Network of all networks.

- Edewede Oriwoh

We all have an inventor in us, with strong ideas to improve life...

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